Bon Appetite


Bon Appetite’s core business is the operation of subsidized eating establishments in Corporate Head Offices Manufacturing plants and Distribution centres. Each and every client is different, with different needs and wants. Bon Appetite has the ability to work with you to create and execute a customized foodservice operation that best suits the needs of your people! We will customize the service to exceed your expectations with great food, impeccable service all at a cost effective price!

Bon Appetite insists that all the of the food items served are made fresh in house by experienced foodservice handlers. This ensures a great tasting and healthy product.

The post covid work environment has changed and Bon Appetite has adapted their service to better suit the needs of their current clients as well as their future clients. One thing that we have heard over the past 12 months is “ we used to deal with one of your large competitors, but since we returned to the office with only 50% of our population, that company will not open for us until we are fully operational” Bon Appetite can assist you if you are facing a similar scenario. We believe we can design a program that will fully serve your situation and needs!

What Bon Appetite can offer your company: