Bon Appetite

About us

Our history

33 Years of Legacy

Bon Appetite Foodservice Management Inc., is a Canadian owned and operated family business located in the Greater Toronto Area. Since it’s inception in 1990, Bon Appetite had a simple plan, “ offer fresh, great tasting food, with great service all at a great price”. This motto has been the guiding force in our growth and success.

Specializing in the operation and management of fully subsidized cafeterias, cafes and employees dining rooms across the GTA, Bon Appetite has always been a fresh alternative to the large Corporate Foodservice companies.  Serving over 15 000 patrons daily, Bon Appetite uses the best ingredients, fresh innovative menu ideas, delivered with a service that is second none.

Our Philosophy

Bon Appetite's Service Pivot

Due to the change in Corporate Foodservice Management over the past 2 years, Bon Appetite had to pivot, and create a new way of serving our patrons and offering new clients a cost effective service that is tailored to their specific needs.

Bon Appetite is poised for substantial growth in the future, but one thing will never change, our commitment to food quality and our commitment to a dedicated service!

Equipped with a team of

Talented Chefs

We're proud to introduce you to our team of talented culinary professionals who are passionate about creating exceptional meals.

With years of experience in the foodservice industry, our chefs are experts in their craft and are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and flavor.

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